Packaging: Scatola

Packaging: Scatola


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Ethical fashion

Ethical and sustainable fashion

At GAMBEA®, we strongly believe in making fashion by leaving a positive footprint throughout our supply chain.

Social commitment

  • 1% of our annual revenue goes to social projects that use football as a catalyst. So all your purchases add up to do your bit to help where its needed most.

Ethical and sustainable production

  • We work with volumes that guarantee maximum quality and sustainability of production. And what does this mean? Precarious work, discrimination, child exploitation, and anything far from fair and dignified working conditions have no place at GAMBEA in any form whatsoever.

High-quality and environmentally friendly materials

  • Designing clothes drives us crazy, but we try to do things right by selecting materials that contribute to a lower environmental impact.

When you buy one of our products you are contributing to the development of an economy with fair rules of the game. That provides job opportunities, that generates wealth and that also allows us to continue designing products to your liking while respecting human rights and the environment.

You can find more information here.

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