Verdiblanco socks


Verdiblanco socks, the garments with more passion, are only available at GAMBEA ®. With your Botas Blancas socks, you can wear the Verdiblanco socks with a bigger smile than a player dribbling past opponents.

When we at GAMBEA ® give you Verdiblanco designs, we want to shout with you on Sundays at the stadium.

We had so many possible iconic moments of one of the best fans in Spain that we have decided on a few without giving up possible changes in our line-up to decorate some beautiful premium combed cotton socks.

Are you interested in a pack for a true football fan?

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Enter our temple and decide which socks you will wear in Seville: What could be more “Verdiblanco” than having a few bottles of wine in Triana with Botas Blancas? Can you have more “salero” than a player with his inseparable sombrero? Can you have more art than celebrating his moment with the cape? Take your Verdiblanco Pack and flaunt your green and white socks in front of your Sevillista friends. They come with a significant discount.

Football socks to give as amazing gifts

Do you have a friend you don’t know what to give as a gift? Do you have family and friends to make a Secret Santa? They can’t go to the stadium without a suitable kit, just like you can’t go out on the town without your green and white outfit. With these Green and White socks from GAMBEA ®, absolutely versatile, they can enjoy the team’s best moments with that elf that characterizes them.

A unique and original gift for friends and family who are real football fans.

Do you miss any football players? Are you one of those who would vote for your favorite player to have the title of “Great of Spain”? If you are one of those who think that Seville should be dyed green, these socks are for you. If you think we’re missing an iconic moment, we’re open to suggestions: if you don’t find what you’re looking for, drop us a line, and we’ll get started.

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